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Hi Ernie:

Please find before and after diagrams of a circuit taken from Jan 74 QST aand works very well with the UA9OSV CW TYPE program. I did make two circuit changes and as follows:

1.  instead of the R5 and 2n5400 I put in a radio shack reed relay RL1,  Its a 5vdc relay with 250 ohm coil. and is part nr. 275-232.

2.  I tied into the computers loudspeaker voice coil direct to the bottom of R2 and connected diode CR4 in the circuit to make it work. The diode has to be correct polarity and tied to correct side of speaker voice coil in order for it to work. The diode type is not critical and the 1N914 diodes could be used.

The beauty of the system is no ground loops and also no re-programming is  necessary to get it going. And I like to use the xmtrs PTT switching. Would you want me to send a cc to Sergei?

vy 73 de Joe w0tut