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Although all the information that you need to make them yourself is on this site, we have received requests from hams and SWLs to supply these Beverage antenna matching transformers (and other supplies). You can now buy them already made from us. Prices start at only $21.

Minimum order $300.00 except for customers who ordered before August 23, 2015.

These RF transformers are FAR superior to any other Beverage antenna matching transformer made from ANY other type of toroids or beads.
This ferrite core design and material combination provides:
  • Much broader bandwidth
  • Very low losses
  • Highest RX signal level
  • Very low inter-winding capacitance
  • Near-perfect winding balance (when required)
  • Highest F/B ratio and unwanted signal rejection
  • Highest resistance to core saturation

These compact, state-of-the-art units are the very same low loss, high-signal-output transformers with highly isolated windings as the ones on our Beverage antenna web page (details there). The transformers for 2-wire Beverages are highly balanced for maximum F/B ratio and minimum unwanted signal pickup.

We now offer the following Beverage baluns, ununs, and accessories:

  • 9:1 Beverage Matching transformer (for 50 ohm coaxial feedline)
  • 6.25:1 Beverage Matching transformer (for 75 ohm coaxial feedline)

  • 1:1 Beverage Reflection transformer, electrically balanced (for 2-wire bi-directional Beverage antennas)
  • 1:1 Beverage Matching transformer, electrically balanced (for 2-wire bi-directional Beverage antennas)

  • 4:1 BOG (Beverage On the Ground) matching transformer (for 50 ohm coaxial feedline)
  • 2.78:1 BOG matching transformer (for 75 ohm coaxial feedline)

  • 470 or 220 ohm Beverage terminating resistors, Ohmite type OY (sold only with the purchase of a transformer)

  • 3-core matching transformer for transmitting and receiving on a Beverage (0.4 dB loss; see below)

  • Transformers mounted in sturdy enclosures with connectors

  • Broadband RF chokes for use with blocking capacitor for isolating the RF signal from the DC control voltage on the same coax feedline

  • Custom impedance ratios now available List (PDF)

  • Custom spacers (spreaders) for making your own optimized impedance ladder line for your bi-directional Beverage. Two types available. Contact us for details and pricing.

Beverage antenna transformer

Click photos for enlarged view

9:1, 6.25:1, 4:1, or 2.78:1 matching transformers
Unun for single wire Beverage antenna - $21 each

Beverage antenna transformer

Terminating Resistor, non-inductive
Surge-resistant ceramic composition
Ohmite type OY, 2 watts 470 ohms, 10%
$3 each with the purchase of a transformer

Beverage antenna termination resistor

1:1 balanced reflection transformer for 2-wire bi-directional Beverages - $23 each
1:1 Beverage reflection transformer

Set of feed point box transformers for a single 75 ohm feedline, 2-wire bi-directional Beverage - $21 for an unun; $23 for balanced, center-tapped transfomer.Two Beverage antenna transformers
For a dual 75 ohm feedline bi-directional Beverage, the balanced 1:1 above would instead be 6.25:1.

Transformer (unun) for both receiving and  transmitting on a Beverage
$45 each    Temp. vs. high power tests
3-core Beverage transformer for TX/RX

Broadband RF Choke (being redesigned; not shown)
$10 each, 2 for $15
For remote relay designs.
Use with a blocking capacitor to isolate the received signal from DC control voltage on a single coax feedline.

Individual matching transformers come with handy mounting discs made from double-sided 3M VHB adhesive foam tape. Securely adheres to any flat, clean surface.

It is suggested that you mount these matching transformers inside an enclosure with coax and wire connectors to shield them from the weather and prevent flexing and breaking of the wire leads.
We can do that for you if you'd like (prices below, photos here)

Beverage antenna matching transformers in sturdy enclosures with connectors

Single-wire Beverage box
Single-wire Beverage transformers in enclosure with connectors- $84
Substantial quantity discounts for multiple Beverage installations
Sealed, UV resistant, lightning surge protected; water, dust, insect, and rodent resistant
Includes quick-disconnect tip plugs and 470 ohm 2 watt Ohmite OY termination resistor.
Type F coax connector shown; others available.
More photos

Bi-directional Beverage boxes Feedpoint and Reflection boxes for Two-wire, Bi-directional Beverage antenna: sealed, UV resistant, lightning surge protected
$175/set (quantity discounts for multiple Beverage installations).
Water, dirt, insect, and rodent resistant.
Bi-directional Beverage boxesColor-coded tip plugs (similar to banana plugs with smaller center pins) are included when ordering transformers mounted inside an enclosure such as the one show to the left and above. (F plugs are not.) All connectors should be completely filled with clear, non-hardening silicone dielectric compound to ensure moisture cannot enter.

 9:1 transformers (ununs) can be easily modified to 6.25:1 by simply removing one turn from the 450 ohm winding. They also work for a BOG (Beverage On the Ground) by removing 1 more turn (making it 4:1). Order a 220 ohm resistor for a BOG.

BOG transformers
BOG transformers (ununs; click to enlarge)

Transformers are marked as shown so that you know which winding connects to the coax (green "LO") and which connects to the Beverage and ground (red or brown "HI"). (On certain transformers, wire insulation colors and appearances may vary from the photos displayed here.)

Please see for schematics and application info.

The instructions and specs are on our main Beverage antenna page; for any questions not answered there, feel free to contact us.

 When contacting us about ordering, Please include the following information (if known):

  1. Height of Beverage wire(s) above ground
  2. Wire size (either AWG* or actual diameter)
  3. Wire spacing (for 2-wire Beverage antennas only)
  4. Do you want the transformers mounted in enclosures with connectors (as per the photos above), or do you just want the unmounted transformers?
  5. What impedance coax are you going to feed it with? (Most people use inexpensive 75 ohm CATV-type RG-6 (F-6) with F connectors.)
  6. Do you plan on running two runs of coax to your 2-wire Beverage(s) (if applicable)? That is simpler and the recommended method.
  7. Have you studied our Beverage information page at first? (Most people already have, and that helps. :-)
  8. Please include your complete shipping address, so that we can calculate the exact shipping costs.
* Plated steel electric fence wire is NOT always labeled accurately. It's best to measure it. We can do that for you if you mail us a 1" long sample.

Minimum order $300, except for customers who ordered before August 23, 2015.

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