Beverage Antenna Sound Recordings

Weak signals heard on WØBTU's 580' Bi-directional Beverage antennas

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If people could understand just how much better they could hear on a Beverage vs. their present antenna, they would be motivated to put one up. These sound files (while not the best quality by any means) try and demonstrate how well a Beverage antenna works.

The sound files (so far) consist of recordings made of signals on a few ham bands and the AM broadcast band. There will be more added as we have time.
  1. The majority of the sound files on the ham bands (except for 160 meters) compare a 100' long dipole @ 35' with a Beverage antenna. The signals on 160 meters were compared with an inverted-L (155' total length, 55' vertical portion) and a Beverage.
      You are NOT hearing the signals fade in and out; in the June 2012 WAV and MP2 recordings, the weak signal is when the 100' dipole was selected, and the strong signal is the very same signal on a Beverage.  (The exception was the PSK31 recording, where I just switched between the NE and SW Beverages). As you listen, you can clearly hear when the antenna was switched.

  2. The June 2012 MP2 sound files on the AM Broadcast Band were made in two separate directions on the same frequency on the Beverages.
    Two different stations can be heard on the same frequency just by switching directions. As you listen, you can hear when the Beverage antenna direction was switched.
Most of the MP2 recordings made in June 2012 were made during the daytime. The MP3 files made in October were mostly after dark.

Click here to play sound files (temporary)

Receiver: Icom IC-765 or Drake R-4C, with 250 Hz CW filters
No DSP or other signal enhancement process was used

More and better recordings will be made later and better explained below.

AM Broadcast band and below
530 AM - WQVF245 - 10 watt Traveler's Information Station, along I-44 approx. 24 miles away (recorded early afternoon. Some lightning static is present)

160 meters

80 meters

40 meters

20 meters

17 meters

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